Arduino expands its command line interface to include cloud functionality

The Arduino team has announced a new bow to the Arduino Command Line Interface (CLI): the ability to interact with the Arduino Cloud platform, as an alternative to using the web interface or application programming interface (API).

“With the new Cloud CLI tool, it is possible to perform most tasks that can be done using the web interface,” explains the Arduino team. “Devices and things can be created, deleted and listed. Things can be linked to devices. Very similarly, dashboards can be managed. OTA [Over The Air] firmware updates can also be performed with the option to defer the update for up to a week. It is also possible to perform a bulk OTA download via a specific command.

Arduino has launched its command line interface Four years ago, as a way to better manage Arduino projects from headless or automated environments. Since its release, the capabilities of the Arduino CLI have only grown, most recently build profile support as a way to prevent dependency rot from making older projects uncompilable.

The expansion to support Arduino Cloud Actions, however, represents the biggest change in capabilities yet. Using the Arduino Cloud CLI, users will not only be able to manage individual projects and devices, but scale easily – using scripts to manage everything from testing prototypes to updating a fleet of devices. or managing dashboards.

“One of the key features”, adds the Arduino team, “is the possibility to download in different text formats (JSON, YAML, …) the models of dashboards, devices and objects, so that you can keep them for future use. It is very useful to modify them to create copies of the entities with certain properties modified and to download the new models in the [Arduino] Cloud.”

More details about the Arduino CLI Cloud are available on the project’s GitHub repositorywhere precompiled binaries for Windows, macOS and Linux on x86, AMD64 and Arm are available with source code under the GNU Affero 3 General Public License.