Applying UX and UI to TD

India Bastien Holley

Director of Human Operations

MPA creation


Dallas, TX


Associate Degree in Graphic Design and Web Development (Design School of Czech Republic); degree in marketing and merchandising design (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)

favorite quote
“I define a leader as anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes and has the courage to develop that potential.” —Brene Brown

India Bastien Holley is a creator turned talent development professional. As Director of People Operations at AMP Creative, a custom learning solutions company, Holley oversees the company’s people strategy, which includes training; integration; performance management; recruitment; advantages; and diversity, equity and inclusion. With a background in content strategy, marketing, design and sales, Holley says an inquisitive mind and interest in sociology led her to develop talent.

How did you land in talent development?

I came across candidate experience because I saw the candidate journey from a user experience/user interface perspective, which is my field of study. I quickly transitioned into a human operations role because I think one of the biggest shortcomings in human operations is looking at this function with the user (in this case, the employee) in mind and marketing the experience (employer brand), sharing information (to improve the experience) and treating employees as customers. The talent development field really came into my life because I love business, I’m interested in how things work and why, and I truly believe in improving work.

How has your background in design, content creation and branding helped you in your current role?

I use design and content creation on a daily basis. Branding is so useful for internal communications, creating an intranet, and supporting change management. It can really support people leveraging initiatives, from gaining executive buy-in to building company-wide buy-in.

How have you contributed to improving the employee experience at AMP?

From creating a massive internal website (intranet) to organizing departments and creating internal branding, I think I improved their experience with onboarding, continuous learning and onboarding crossover (if an employee moves from one department to another). Having someone who thinks of all employees and their experiences, I believe has encouraged the way we conduct business internally while being remote. Keeping the same mindset about how we recruit, hire, onboard and disconnect and how we plan for future growth or downsizing should always be about improving work.

What initiatives have you launched that have improved company culture and team unity within your distributed workforce?

One is our virtual lunch and learn program which is primarily run by our Employee Resource Group/DEI Team. You really can’t improve company culture without investing in your employee resource groups and providing platforms for those who want to be heard, feel safe, and lead the way not only for themselves but also for their teams.