Amazon’s Prime Video finally gets a UI overhaul

Amazon’s Prime Video is announcing a newly redesigned interface for the streaming service due to launch in August that should improve user experience.

from Amazon First video gets a revamped user interface. Prime Video has become one of the leading streaming services, offering viewers content to counter similar services like Netflix and Hulu. The streamer made headlines this summer with hit shows like the subversive superhero series The boys and Chris Pratt The list of terminals bring viewers to the service. Prime Video is also home to many award-winning projects, like the Emmy winner for Outstanding Comedy Series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and the Oscar-winning film The sound of metal. However, the way viewers search and interact with the streaming service is about to change.


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Prime Video has announced a revamped interface for the streaming service, which should “improve and evolve the user experience.” The new design will provide more user-friendly navigation, easy access to live events, immersive visuals, and clearly marked content to let users know what’s free through their subscriptions and what costs more to access. The redesigned interface will launch on Fire TV, the Android app, and other living room-connected devices between mid and late August. Check out a video of the sleeker and simpler Prime Video interface below:

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With Prime Video’s redesign, the streaming service continues to work with audiences to deliver the best possible viewing experience. The redesign also lands just before the highly anticipated The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power premiere, which will debut on the streamer in September. While Amazon continues to offer popular content like rings of power and The boyswhich also has another spin-off on the way with Generation V, First video is designed to facilitate the viewing experience for fans who want to watch their favorite shows and movies.

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