Amazon Prime Video will release a new UI this week; Here are all the changes

Popular content delivery platform Amazon Prime Video has refreshed its user interface. Changes to the interface should make it easier for viewers to find and watch new content. Although the new UI is not immediately available to viewers, it will start rolling out later this week and users could get an update via Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Prime Video will have a sidebar for navigation

First, there’s a new navigation sidebar that, at first glance, looks a lot like the navigation bar on Netflix. It is located on the left side of the screen and contains several buttons like Find, Home, Store, and Live TV. On Netflix, the sidebar helps users quickly find new content. On Amazon Prime, the new sidebar should have a similar impact as it contains the Search tab at the top.

The new Search section will help users discover new content

Plus, the new Search section simplifies the search experience on Prime Video. The Search section will now allow users to search by gender. For example, if users want to watch an action movie, they can simply type the name of the genre in the search section and the search results that will be displayed will be from that genre. As usual, users can also search for movie or series titles.

A new live TV section

Along with this, Prime Video has consolidated all broadcast and live streaming channels into the Live TV section. The section also contains programming presented in a systematic view. The new Amazon Prime interface also comes with a feature called Carousels which helps users get a better feel for the series or shows quickly. Additionally, the carousels will continue to change based on viewing habits.

Prime Video has also updated the content thumbnails and they will now have rich visuals. Then there are visual indicators for paid or included content. Finally, the app will have a new Store tab where viewers can rent new movies and check out paid channels.