Air Force Acquisition Team Offers Recommendations to Improve Interface Between Aircraft and GEOINT System

A team of US Air Force acquisition personnel has recommended steps for the military service to improve coordination between its aircraft platforms and National Geospatial Intelligence Agency Information Systems.

The Advanced Tactical Acquisition Corps has found a interface issue between Air Force and NGA platforms is partly due to a deficiency in configuration data management, the Air Force Lifecycle Management Center said Saturday.

“We have developed a total of seven recommendations that improve processes, tools and resources for supporting intelligence during acquisition,” said ATAC-Team 12 member Captain Chris Bang.

“Our desired end goal is to enable acquisition managers to make informed decisions and deliver capabilities that give our warfighters a tactical advantage.”

ATAC Team 12 offered to recruit more acquisition intelligence analysts to work in aircraft program offices and maintain a tracking database for geospatial systems.

The group also suggested codifying these positions in the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act and centralizing oversight of GEOINT systems through a digital database.

Nine civilian and military employees make up ATAC’s 12th Cohort, a three-month program that enables service personnel to identify possible approaches to meeting acquisition challenges.