Advantest introduces the industry’s first flexible DUT interface enabling increased parallelism on V93000 EXA scale test systems

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New DUT Scale Duo interface expands DUT board space for high volume testing and is compatible with existing DUT boards

TOKYO, May 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Leading semiconductor test equipment provider Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857) has released its DUT Scale Duo interface for V93000 EXA Scale SoC test systems, enabling the most industry-leading level of parallelism for advanced semiconductor testing. With this revolutionary interface, usable space on DUT boards and probe boards is increased by 50% or more, while wafer probe and end-test configurations can accommodate component heights over three times higher.

In today’s test environments, the number of devices that can be tested in parallel is most often limited by component space on the probe board or DUT board, not by available tester resources. With rapidly growing market segments including automotive, mobile, and RF devices trending toward increased site counts, the need for more space on DUT boards for IC testing becomes critical. Additionally, state-of-the-art wafer testers and end-test managers require more PCB space to provide the most cost-effective solutions, from single wafer touch capabilities in wafer probing to massive end-testing. parallels at 32 or more sites.

Advantest offers the industry’s first DUT interface with the ability to either adapt to the existing standard DUT board or probe board size, or upgrade to the new, significantly larger size. Using a unique sliding mechanism, users can effortlessly switch between the two formats to suit specific application requirements.

In addition to the new interface, a new super-stiff extended bridge helps achieve superior deflection performance in direct sounding setups. The unit’s universal design gives it the versatility to support a wide range of applications, including digital and RF device testing.

With its sophisticated sensing capabilities, the extended bridge offers the industry’s best flatness and high manufacturing yield, ensuring highly accurate probe board positioning and tightness verification.

“Our new DUT Scale Duo enables the next step in parallelism while embodying Advantest’s continued focus on system compatibility by allowing users to use their existing DUT boards and probe boards with a new interface,” said Jürgen Serrer, Managing Director and EVP of Advantest. “In addition to protecting customer investments, our approach to providing the most efficient test solutions also provides flexibility and simplifies fleet management in the test field.”

The performance of the new interface was verified by pilot customers before the device was scaled up for high-volume manufacturing.

“The DUT Scale Duo interface helps us take the next step in test cell efficiency, enabling more productive use of test assets,” said Renie de Kok, Head of Test Technology for Docking and interfacing at NXP® Semiconductors.

“The co-development of DUT Scale Duo illustrates the strategic collaboration between Advantest and NXP, paving the way for a scalable EXA Scale platform,” added Marty Kampes, head of test technology for ATE at NXP® Semiconductors.

DUT Scale Duo is expected to be widely available by the middle of this year.

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