A new Application Programming Interface (API) will be released for i-Tree

Davey Tree Expert will soon release a new API, which will provide a communication link between i-Tree and other software applications. The new API is closely aligned with the i-Tree Eco tool. It is designed to work with tree management software applications, displaying the ecosystem values ​​of trees in an inventory. To facilitate the integration of this new interface with existing applications, Treeconomics liaised with tree management software vendors in the UK.

Allowing i-Tree to “talk” to the many tree inventory applications used in industry could radically increase awareness of the ecosystem services provided by trees. It is hoped that this increased awareness of the benefits of trees will flow into future planning for our urban tree populations and continue to inform tree strategies.

The cost of adding the new i-Tree API to an existing application will be around a few US cents per tree. However, existing tree databases will be able to accommodate bulk updates at a reduced rate. Users must attribute i-Tree on any display of tree benefits derived from the API. Proper attribution includes an indication that the data or information is “Powered by i-Tree”, including a display of the i-Tree logo and a link to the i-Tree website.

The i-Tree API is currently in beta and testing, but will be available soon.