9 Enemies In The Game That Mess Up Your UI

The ability to accurately discern what’s going on in a game is something we often take for granted. After all, you can’t play a game if you can’t see and hear what’s going on in it or interact with it properly. However, there is a particular meta weakness here that many enemies in the game know how to exploit.

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Whether as a side effect of damage taken by your player character or in a deliberate attack on you, the player, certain enemies in the game can attack and interfere with your game interface, limiting your view, interfering with your controls and tricking you into seeing things that aren’t there.


9 Metroids – Metroid Prime

From the very beginning of the Metroid series, Samus Aran has been getting faces from the titular critters, and even from an outside perspective, it’s unpleasant. In all 2D Metroid games, Metroids will swoop down on Samus and latch onto her head, rapidly draining her Power Suit of energy until she shakes them off.

In Metroid Prime, however, this slightly alarming annoyance turns into complete nightmare fuel due to the game’s first-person perspective. After all, this was our first time seeing the world through Samus’ eyes, which means that when a Metroid latches onto its head, you get a frontal view of its meaty maw. When a Metroid attacks Samus, all you can see are squid-like jaws.

8 Handsome Jack – Tales from the Borders

During Tales from the Borderlands, hapless Hyperion employee Rhys finds himself with a holographic copy of none other than the late Handsome Jack stuck in his cybernetics. While infiltrating Hyperion’s Helios satellite to find an upgrade for Gortys, Jack offers Rhys an interesting choice: upload his mind into Hyperion’s central computer, and he will give Rhys full control of the world. ‘company.

If Rhys refuses this offer, Jack will insist, forcefully tying Rhys up and logging him into the system for the download. While this is happening, you will have the usual selection of dialogue choices, all of which involve Rhys radioing Fiona for help, but due to Jack’s influence, all of your dialogue choices start to fade. collapse. Whichever option you choose, Jack will intervene and force Rhys to tell Fiona that everything is fine.

seven Boomer – Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead games are all about being aware of your surroundings. After all, you’ll never know when a hunter is going to attack if you haven’t listened to its distinctive growl. Of all the Special Infected, however, one of the most dangerous is the Inflated Boomer. The Boomer is surprisingly stealthy, given its stature, and when it gets close enough, it will vomit you in your face.

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When you get thrown up by a Boomer, not only is your sight completely distorted for a few precious seconds, but the piercing melody of its iconic theme song kicks in, disorienting and distracting you. By the time these afflictions wear off, you’re probably already knee-deep in the foaming swarm of infected Horde.

6 Morpho Knight – Kirby and the Forgotten Land

If you’ve ever been subjected to a sudden loud noise and lost your sense of balance, you already have an idea of ​​what Kirby experiences when he battles the mysterious Morpho Knight in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. . While Morpho Knight’s main playbook consists of gigantic flaming sword swings, he will occasionally warp near Kirby and begin flapping his ethereal wings.

If Kirby receives a direct hit from the resulting sound waves, not only does all sound become muffled as his ears ring, but the camera tilts at an extremely disorienting acute angle. Somehow this wobbly angle manages to be even more dizzying than if the camera had been turned all the way upside down, as it forces you to awkwardly crane your neck to keep your bearings.

5 Confusion Rats – Psychonauts

In Psychonauts, the psychic summer camp at Whispering Rock and the nearby asylum at Thorny Towers are absolutely lousy with loose psitanium. Much like the mutated bears and cougars of Whispering Rocks, some of the local wildlife have developed psychic abilities from exposure to the psitanium, particularly the rats that populate the upper floors of the asylum.

These rats are a major pain and hinder Raz’s ascent from the asylum – because when they get close, they self-destruct in a fog of confusion. Much like when you get hit by a Confusion Grenade, this fog obscures your sight of Raz with a green mist, inverts your movement controls, and randomizes your assigned psychic powers.

4 Asmodée.exe – Pony Island

Let the devil himself create the world’s most heinous artificial intelligence. In Pony Island, Asmodeus.exe is one of the guardian demons of Lucifer’s arcade machine. Unlike Beelzebub.exe, Asmodeus is not interested in an in-game challenge, but rather a puzzle. He challenges you to constantly maintain eye contact with him as he asks you a series of simple questions. If you look away (or alt-tab out of the game), you lose.

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However, when asking his questions, Asmodeus will use various tricks to trick you into looking the other way, including randomly pulling the name of one of your Steam friends to send you fake messages and pretend to crash the game. Of course, this first trick doesn’t hold up as well as it used to since Steam has since undergone UI changes, but it’s still pretty sneaky.

3 Rinzler – Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

If you’ve seen Tron: Legacy, you’ll probably remember the scene where Kevin engages in a disk battle with Rinzler, who runs up walls as the arena’s gravity shifts upward. You could guess at a glance that it’s a rather disorienting way to fight, but in the grid world of Kingdom Hearts 3D, we got to experience it firsthand.

During Sora’s story in the world, he is also forced to face Rinzler in the same arena, and just like in the movie, Rinzler will periodically run up the wall as gravity shifts. Sora gets caught up in the gravitational shift, forcing him to fight on the ceiling. Naturally, your view is reversed, but despite what you might expect, your camera controls remain the same. This means having to face a normal camera against an inverted view, which makes it doubly disorienting.

2 Fire Tails – Okami

Although Amaterasu is the primary user of the Celestial Brush and its techniques in Okami, she is far from the only one with such an ability. Anyone with sufficient spiritual awareness and artistic talent can call upon the powers of the heavenly brush gods, whether good or evil.

In an example of the latter, we have the villainous Ninetails, who aren’t one to stand by while Amaterasu draws circles around them. When bringing up the Celestial Brush screen while battling Ninetails, if you drag too long, Ninetails will use its own brush to squiggle and X to block you from using your abilities. Worse, Ninetails can also draw the patterns of Cherry Bomb, Galestorm, and Icestorm, punishing you for taking too long with your attacks.

1 Bowyer – Super Mario RPG: Legend of Seven Stars

Super Mario RPG Bowyer Boss Fight

If Toad’s little rant about timed moves at the start of the game didn’t enlighten you, Super Mario RPG characters are quite aware of their existence as game characters, and some of them have the power to exploit this meta-knowledge. The most egregious example of this occurs in the battle against Bowyer in the Forest Maze.

Shortly after the fight begins, Bowyer will spawn three tiles that look like your Y, X, and A buttons – the buttons needed to use special attacks, items, and regular attacks respectively. Bowyer will launch one of his Paralytic Arrows into one of these panels, locking it in the process. This means that until Bowyer decides otherwise, the function related to that particular button is completely unavailable to you. This can be a big headache if your health is low and you can’t reach your items.

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