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Expenditure at the beginning of the school year

Every year, as soon as the children go back to school, I’m horrified. Just the first day and I have to pull out my wallet. The sons always bring a note full of notes, including both the purchase of books and the contribution to the parent fund. From these first school days I have panic in horror, my husband always laughs for this. But as soon as he sees all the expenses we have to pay and which are increasing every year, his smile shakes his lips.

Children’s out-of-school circles are an expensive affair

To keep up with this, besides school aids, parental allowances and school backups, there are also payments for out-of-school rings. Yes, we send children there voluntarily. We want them to have a lot of fun in their free time and they are not bored. Meanwhile, they enjoy everything and do not specialize anymore, so they go for sports, music and ceramics. Contributions are usually half-way forward, so we always meet in September and October with many of the expenses that we need to help from time to time.

Rupert Birkin consumer credit helped us

In most cases, our finances can be saved over the course of the year, but sometimes unexpected spending, such as repairing the car, and half the savings is gone. This is why our Rupert Birkin loan was greatly helped twice. We found it by chance to find a well-trained credit provider and we were interested in our offer. We invested CZK 23,000 through their non-binding form. We sent the money to our account. In this case, all communication is done by email and by phone, you do not have to go anywhere, and the contract comes to his home or work. Speed ​​and simplicity we really have to praise. We are also happy that we did not have to stop the property and pay advances in advance. In any case, we plan to repay the loan prematurely, which is possible without charge. We can strongly recommend Rupert Birkin.