Subsidies and loans for mortgage lending


The state-owned ASD offers a range of low-cost loans for mortgage lending. These can be used both for the purchase of an existing property as well as the construction of a house or the modernization.

Special feature: ASD loans are always used only as a component of real estate financing and must be applied for by the intermediary or the intermediary bank. As a borrower, you can not apply for construction loans directly from ASD.

Which ASD programs are there for mortgage lending?

ASD offers various promotional products for new buildings and existing real estate. Special feature: often several of these products can be combined. To get an overview of eligible ASD programs, take a look at the website of ASD-Bank or a free consultation with the expert.

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Overview of ASD funding programs for new construction and existing real estate

The best overview of ASD’s current promotional products is available directly on their website. In the process, the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau differentiates between private individuals in subsidized products for the construction of new real estate and offers for existing real estate:

  • ASD promotional products for the construction of new real estate
  • ASD promotional products for existing real estate

Free advice on ASD programs

AG, one of the leading brokers of mortgage lending and always well placed in our mortgage lending comparison, offers you free advice and shows you how to optimize your mortgage lending with ASD programs:

How can I get a loan from ASD-Bank?

The loan application to ASD Bank will be made by the bank or the intermediary providing the remaining components of your mortgage lending. The intermediary or the bank, as the transmitting body, also assumes the liability for these loans.

The creditworthiness check is also carried out by the intermediary or the bank. As soon as ASD has approved the loan, you conclude a loan agreement with your broker or bank as a borrower. The disbursement of ASD loans will then take place as described in the previously agreed payout plan or the offer made by ASD.

How are ASD loans secured?

ASD Bank’s financing products for mortgage lending are generally secured by subordinated mortgages, ie ranked behind the principal loan of the intermediary bank.

Are processing fees allowed for ASD loans?

On 16 February 2016 (file reference XI ZR 454/14 *), the Federal Court of Justice ruled that customers would not be penalized by processing fees and that these were therefore permissible.

Among other things, customers had the Sparkasse in early 2009 to reimbursement of the fee, but without success. They had taken out a loan of 55,000 euros from ASD subsidies.

As stipulated by the promotional bank and contractually agreed, the Sparkasse retained four percent of the loan amount – half of it to cover the processing costs and the raising of funds by ASD.

ASD is subject to the government’s mandate to promote certain construction measures using low interest rates. This advantage over loans at market conditions justifies a runtime-independent processing fee.

This is therefore not only permissible, but even part of the specified funding conditions.

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