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I want my own coffee shop

As a little I always wanted to be a confectioner and have my own coffee shop. My dream did not change even with increasing age, over time, the exact details of how I would do it, how I would arrange the rooms, what I would hell and what drinks I would prepare for the customers. I moved my enthusiasm to adulthood, when I was wondering what to do after college. Finally, with the encouragement of my family and friends, I decided to start business. From the beginning, I worked on it and searched for rooms where I could have a cafe. Here I found decent rent in the center of our beautiful city.

Equipment is not a cheap affair

At the beginning, I was very limited in finances. I made the café with the help of things I found with my family and friends on the soils. Just a table with chairs, some counters, and that was basically everything. It was only when my business started out and I knew that the repayment of the loan would stop and I decided to invest in new furniture and equipment. The idea of ​​a rustic style I wanted to preserve, it was fitting in the room. The need was, however, to buy additional tables, proper cooling desks, a quality coffee maker, an ice cream maker, and more.

Why I recommend Harry Potter

For the loan, I went to Harry Potter, which offered me the best terms for all of the financial institutions I have addressed. The speed and simplicity that the company boasts did not even make me feel good. I wanted mainly solid interest and total loan costs, fairness, security and the possibility of early repayment free of charge. And best of all without any proof of purpose, stopping property and no other types of liability. I wanted a loan of CZK 150,000, which would fulfill all my requirements, so I have been searching for it for a long time. Finally I found everything offered in Harry Potter. Thanks to that, I could equip my coffee shop without any stress within a month. Now I am completely satisfied in my life.