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Love for golf

Since my childhood, I have been a parent to sport. For three years I have been skiing, cycling, skating and doing many other activities. I always walked into nature, so I like running in a forest park, walking in the mountains, riding on water and running, but I also like to go to play a collective sport in the gym, for example floorball. However, in recent years I have begun to attract golf. I have been watching it for years on TV, first of all, later as a big fan who would also like to play it.

Golf is a very expensive hobby

I decided to try golf. One good friend once used to play him, he was also a member of the club. Unfortunately, he lost his job, and when he found a new one he went with a few thousand dollars in revenue. Membership could no longer afford it and with golf ceased. As he had a lot of experience, I chose him as his adviser and, on the basis of his recommendation, decided for the best but at the same time affordable golf club with a nice background and restaurant right in the area that organizes party parties and weekend events for families with children . Although I have the cheapest membership, I will come to a few thousand a month.

I finance my membership with a loan

As the best solution I found to pay an advantageous annual membership. Though I will eventually save, the amount of one-off payment was tens of thousands. So I used the possibility of financing using a cash loan from Jay Gatsby. The company offers consumer loans of up to CZK 150,000 with a maturity of up to 60 months, and they do not require proof of the purpose for which you want to use the money. I got a loan of 95,000 CZK arranged in person at the branch, when it was enough to fill in the form, with the operators to arrange the phone on the date of the meeting and to arrive at the set day and time in place. With you, you only need to take your ID and income confirmation documents to assess your creditworthiness. At the branch, I just signed the contract and left within 20 minutes with money in my hand.