Borrow 24500 Euro with a personal loan

A fixed low interest rate

There are several ways to borrow 24500 euros. You can opt for a personal loan or a revolving credit.

The personal loan is also gaining in popularity very quickly. The interest on the personal loan is usually lower than with a revolving credit. The interest is not only lower, borrowing 24500 euros with a personal loan is also borrowing money with a fixed interest rate. So you know in advance where you stand. No surprises, that makes a difference.

Features of 24500 Euro borrow with a Personal loan.

Low interest

Did you know that with a personal loan the interest rate is often lower than with a revolving credit? It is not for nothing that the popularity of the personal loan is rapidly increasing.

Fixed interest

Not only does a personal loan have a low interest rate. It is also a fixed low interest rate. With a personal loan you also have extra security on your low interest rate.

Interest deductible?

Are you using the loan for home improvement? If you use the loan as a renovation loan, the interest on this part is also deductible. However, you must be able to substantiate the expenses.

Interest rates Personal loan

That a personal loan has low interest rates is attractive. But you also want to know exactly what the interest rate is.
To give you a good insight into how the interest on a personal loan is built up below the table:

Credit amount Month term Debit interest JKP Number of terms Total costs
€ 5.000, – € 59 7.7% 7.7% 120 months € 7.107, –
€ 10,000, – € 110 5.8% 5.8% 120 months € 13,170, –
€ 15,000 € 155 4.6% 4.6% 120 months € 18,660, –
€ 25,000 € 251 3.9% 3.9% 120 months € 30.135, –
€ 50,000 € 502 3.9% 3.9% 120 months € 60.269, –
€ 75,000 € 753 3.9% 3.9% 72 months € 90.404, –

* This table shows the interest rates of a personal loan. The lowest possible interest rate that can offer is stated per amount.

Borrow 24500 Euro and transfer your loans

Borrowing 24500 Euro with a personal loan can be a good option if you want to borrow money for a car, for example, or for home improvement. But what do you do with loans that you already have at the moment? The right request for a new loan is a good time to check whether your loan can offer you additional benefits. Perhaps it is much cheaper to combine your loans into one advantageous credit.

are happy to look with you to see if the merging of loans can be of great benefit to you. With every request, a check is done at the ASD. This obviously does not only look at what you have outstanding on loans at the moment. But also whether there are no negative registrations at the ASD. With a negative ASD registration you can not borrow money from Nederland.

You may also repay the loan earlier

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When borrowing 24500 euros with a personal loan you make fixed agreements with the bank. You set your limit, but also your term and of course the interest.

A frequently asked question is whether you can also redeem the loan earlier, without penalty.

This is fortunately the case with the vast majority of providers. You can always pay extra for your loan. Nevertheless, the providers work in different ways. One provider solves it directly on your loan, making it more like a revolving credit. Other providers are more like standing on your loan. Because this changes so this is always a topic that is discussed with the advice. If you choose a provider, will tell you the most important conditions. And the early release of the loan is certainly not an unimportant point.

Get free advice at 24500 Euro with a personal loan

For , borrowing money is daily work. Not for you as a consumer. That is why advice can be important. At Nederland you receive free advice about borrowing money. If you do not take out the loan with , you owe nothing. With the advice on the right loan you can save money. A lot of money even. Choosing a wrong, too expensive, credit (form) can save you a lot of money.

Applying for a loan and the advice regarding the loan is always free with Nederland. Incidentally, this is also a statutory obligation that is laid down in the Consumer Credit Act . This clearly states that no costs may be charged when mediating a loan.