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My car has gone a long way

I need the car for my life. I go to work and business trips in the morning to take the children to school, and pick them up in the afternoon and transfer them to the rings. On weekends with our family we occasionally go on a trip to Prague and enjoy peace in the heart of nature. Unfortunately, my old friend has been successful since recently. I had it for almost 10 years and I bought it as a vehicle.

I do not want the fabrication of today’s time

After the last technical move, I decided to dispose of the car ecologically. There were a lot of repairs behind it, some parts were rusty and it was simply not the safest. In addition, the clutch did not work well and her exchange would cost a lot of money. Because the car is an important part of my life, it was not possible to start using public transport and train instead. On the contrary, getting a new idea was good. Due to my aversion to the new consumer cars that are being manufactured today, I started looking around for some preserved, used car. I had some money saved, but I would not buy the car for it.

They borrowed me in Prospero

The best funding I need is a loan today. When a person chooses it with deliberation and thinks critically, credit is a safe way to get money. So I decided to finance the new car with a Prospero loan of CZK 140,000. Just a few clicks on the website, a few emails, reading and signing the contract, and the money I had on my bank account. I have adjusted the maturity and amount of the installments according to my financial situation and my family budget, which makes me know that I will not live in fear every month to be able to fulfill my obligations. At Prospero, I did not have to document a lot of documents, enough account statements and identity papers. The new car is already worth a week in the garage, and I do not have to spend every day in it that smells good at it.