Month: January 2019

Credit opening, home loan, small loans, and everything that you need to know

What is a credit? A loan or loan means that a person or financial institution (the lender) lends money to another person (the borrower). The latter then repays the loan in accordance with predetermined conditions. Interest will also be paid on this as long as part of the capital has not yet been repaid. With […]


Express Loan!

I want my own coffee shop As a little I always wanted to be a confectioner and have my own coffee shop. My dream did not change even with increasing age, over time, the exact details of how I would do it, how I would arrange the rooms, what I would hell and what drinks […]


Are you looking for a loan?

My car has gone a long way I need the car for my life. I go to work and business trips in the morning to take the children to school, and pick them up in the afternoon and transfer them to the rings. On weekends with our family we occasionally go on a trip to […]


Easy loans just for you!

Buying inventory of material I started my business 11 years ago. I belong among small tradesmen who have golden Czech hands and live with manual work. My clients are both regular consumers and legal entities. The difference lies in their payment of commitments. Large businesses often pay just before the maturity date of the invoice, […]


The most advantageous loan

Expenditure at the beginning of the school year Every year, as soon as the children go back to school, I’m horrified. Just the first day and I have to pull out my wallet. The sons always bring a note full of notes, including both the purchase of books and the contribution to the parent fund. […]


Cash Loan

Love for golf Since my childhood, I have been a parent to sport. For three years I have been skiing, cycling, skating and doing many other activities. I always walked into nature, so I like running in a forest park, walking in the mountains, riding on water and running, but I also like to go […]